Your objective :
You want optimal management of your insurance portfolio and to benefit from the best possible coverage on the most competitive terms.You want just one contact to handle all the questions of insurance and provident plans for your company.

Our solution : 
We know that you have little time to spare so we relieve you of all the administrative hassle concerning the insurance polices and provident plans for your company, from calls for tender to handling claims.Our position as an insurance broker enables us to negotiate on your behalf with the relevant insurance companies.We can therefore offer you the best solutions totally independently.

Your objective : 
You want to ensure the sustainability of the assets of your company and guarantee the best provident plans for your employees.therefore expect from your broker a suitable and global solution at the lowest cost.

Our solution : 
After an in-depth analysis of your portfolio and of the intrinsic risks of your business, we offer our specialised advice in the fields of insurance for the protection of the holdings and assets of your company.also offer you our professional expertise in the field of provident plans for your employees together with personalised solutions.keep a watchful eye on the insurance market to enable you to benefit from new opportunities matching your portfolio.

Your objective : 
Time flies faster and faster. You therefore want explanations and advice in real time.

Our solution :
We are a team of professionals working in insurance, provident plans and finance always on hand for you.guarantee that you will benefit from our expertise and an extremely responsive personalised service in all circumstances.

Health insurance : 
The basis health and accident insurance together with additional coverage geared to meet the needs of your employees.International health coverage for employees expatriated to Switzerland or overseas.

Provident plans : 
Compulsory provident plans, special plans, independent foundation, pension funds for expatriates.

Insurance of objects and assets : 
Professional civil liability, civil liability for managers and administrators.Coverage of the goods, equipment and machines of your company.Guarantee of business interruption in the event of an accident.

Vehicle insurance : 
Motorcycles, cars, vans, lorries, coaches and boats for private or professional use.

Legal protection : 
Global and traffic professional protection coverage.

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